The Path to Stronger Physician Relationships… It's a Journey, Not a Sprint.


    Clearly Defined Opportunities

    Taking the time to clearly define and articulate for a physician candidate the reasons you are seeking to expand the medical staff and the long-term success factors for both your organization the physician will significantly impact your ability to “HIRE THE CANDIDATE OF YOUR CHOICE.”

    Define Reasons to Add New Physician

    • Growth, Retirement, Replacement, Advanced technology “niche” specialist, Competition, Market Share

    Practice Profile

    • External Success Factors
      • Draw area, wait times, Payer Mix, Competition, Hospital alignment, Economic Stability
      • Referral sources
      • Availability & Accessibility of specialists
    • Internal Success Factors
      • Practice infrastructure, Allocation of new patients, # cases/patients, Availability of Procedural time, EMR
      • New technology & other growth opportunities
      • Office congeniality

    Practice Expectations:

    • Direct patient care hours, research, committee participation, call schedules
    • Compensation, bonus arrangements and benefits, partnership terms

    Prior to embarking upon specific assignments, Trek will meet with your key stakeholders to understand the various dynamics and the internal and external influences that will determine whether an organization is positioned to attract the caliber of candidate you desire.

    No job is perfect; no candidate is perfect. Acknowledging short-comings and having the ability to present challenges as opportunities takes years of experience. Trek’s value to your organization will be identifying candidates that have the aptitude to thrive in your specific environment.